Title: Letter from Captain V.C. Best to Hugh Keenleyside.

Subject: Japanese reprisals in Hong Kong; internment; military service.

Creator: Captain V.C. Best.

Date: January 27, 1942.

Citation: Library and Archives Canada, RG25, vol. 3037, file 4166-40, Captain V.C. Best to Hugh Keenleyside, 27 January, 1942.

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Ganges, BC

Jan 27/42

Dear Dr. Keenleyside,

I am informed from a reliable Japanese source that “the prisoners of war in Hong Kong are being well treated.”

This news emanates from Hong Kong, apparently from an American-born Japanese there, and was received in Southern California through a means that will not be disclosed to me – yet!


After my bombardment of letters, this short [epistle?] must come as a relief to you.


I met Lieut. General C.C. Ashton in Victoria – He insists that I write my opinions on present conditions to the Minister of Militia forthwith. This entails considerable thinking – as I know quite a bit more than most people would imagine. Anyway, I shall keep you posted on Japanese reactions as they occur. Nobody wants the Japanese anywhere, apparently.

[?], Prince George, Kelowna etc etc etc. All dressed up and nowhere to go! Or “scratch the fleas from the neck and spread them over the back”.

Enlistment and parental hostages for all young aliens and Canadian-born aliens becomes more and more evident as the best solution of this difficult problem.


Away goes my pen again! Excuse me!

Yours sincerely,

V.C. Best