Title: Letter from Captain V.C. Best to Hugh Keenleyside

Subject: Registration of Japanese Canadians.

Creator: Captain V.C. Best; various government officials.

Date: January 9, 1941 (date of Best’s letter; various replies sent over the following days).

Citation: Library and Archives Canada, RG25, vol. 3037, file 4166-40, Captain V.C. Best to Hugh Keenleyside, 9 January, 1941.

Additional comments: This letter set includes the letter Best sent to Keenleyside on January 9, along with responses from a Colonel Desrosiers, Dr. Skelton and Colonel Mead.

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Ganges, BC

Jan 9/1941

To: Dr H.L. Keenleyside

Dear Sir,

I am informed that a special registration of Japanese and Canadian-Japanese is to be put in force shortly.

I am genuinely interested in these people, know a great many, have many friends among them – and can get along without any friction or restraint. Furthermore I can command assistance in interpretation or other service if needed.

I wish to offer my services for a post with this work, if such a post is available.

I have requested that Acting Deputy Minister of National Defence (Military) to put in a word of reference about me should he be willing and care to do so.

Yours faithfully,

V.C. Best

Capt.[?] (R.O)